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c8y operations update

Update operation


Update an operation. This is commonly used to change an operation's status. For example the operation can be set to FAILED along with a failure reason.

c8y operations update [flags]


$ c8y operations update --id 12345 --status EXECUTING
Update an operation


  -d, --data stringArray           static data to be applied to body. accepts json or shorthand json, i.e. --data 'value1=1,my.nested.value=100'
--failureReason string Reason for the failure. Use when setting status to FAILED
-h, --help help for update
--id strings Operation id (required) (accepts pipeline)
--processingMode string Cumulocity processing mode
--status string Operation status, can be one of SUCCESSFUL, FAILED, EXECUTING or PENDING.
--template string Body template
--templateVars stringArray Body template variables

Options inherited from parent commands

      --abortOnErrors int          Abort batch when reaching specified number of errors (default 10)
--allowEmptyPipe Don't fail when piped input is empty (stdin)
--cache Enable cached responses
--cacheBodyPaths strings Cache should limit hashing of selected paths in the json body. Empty indicates all values
--cacheTTL string Cache time-to-live (TTL) as a duration, i.e. 60s, 2m (default "60s")
-c, --compact Compact instead of pretty-printed output when using json output. Pretty print is the default if output is the terminal
--confirm Prompt for confirmation
--confirmText string Custom confirmation text
--currentPage int Current page which should be returned
--customQueryParam strings add custom URL query parameters. i.e. --customQueryParam 'withCustomOption=true,myOtherOption=myvalue'
--debug Set very verbose log messages
--delay string delay after each request, i.e. 5ms, 1.2s (default "0ms")
--delayBefore string delay before each request, i.e. 5ms, 1.2s (default "0ms")
--dry Dry run. Don't send any data to the server
--dryFormat string Dry run output format. i.e. json, dump, markdown or curl (default "markdown")
--examples Show examples for the current command
--filter stringArray Apply a client side filter to response before returning it to the user
--flatten flatten json output by replacing nested json properties with properties where their names are represented by dot notation
-f, --force Do not prompt for confirmation. Ignored when using --confirm
-H, --header strings custom headers. i.e. --header "Accept: value, AnotherHeader: myvalue"
--includeAll Include all results by iterating through each page
-k, --insecure Allow insecure server connections when using SSL
-l, --logMessage string Add custom message to the activity log
--maxJobs int Maximum number of jobs. 0 = unlimited (use with caution!)
--noAccept Ignore Accept header will remove the Accept header from requests, however PUT and POST requests will only see the effect
--noCache Force disabling of cached responses (overwrites cache setting)
-M, --noColor Don't use colors when displaying log entries on the console
--noLog Disables the activity log for the current command
--noProgress Disable progress bars
--noProxy Ignore the proxy settings
-n, --nullInput Don't read the input (stdin). Useful if using in shell for/while loops
-o, --output string Output format i.e. table, json, csv, csvheader (default "table")
--outputFile string Save JSON output to file (after select/view)
--outputFileRaw string Save raw response to file (before select/view)
--outputTemplate string jsonnet template to apply to the output
-p, --pageSize int Maximum results per page (default 5)
--progress Show progress bar. This will also disable any other verbose output
--proxy string Proxy setting, i.e.
-r, --raw Show raw response. This mode will force output=json and view=off
--retries int Max number of attempts when a failed http call is encountered (default 3)
--select stringArray Comma separated list of properties to return. wildcards and globstar accepted, i.e. --select 'id,name,type,**.serialNumber'
--session string Session configuration
-P, --sessionPassword string Override session password
-U, --sessionUsername string Override session username. i.e. peter or t1234/peter (with tenant)
--silentExit Silent status codes do not affect the exit code
--silentStatusCodes string Status codes which will not print out an error message
--timeout string Request timeout duration, i.e. 60s, 2m (default "60s")
--totalPages int Total number of pages to get
-v, --verbose Verbose logging
--view string Use views when displaying data on the terminal. Disable using --view off (default "auto")
--withError Errors will be printed on stdout instead of stderr
--withTotalElements Request Cumulocity to include the total elements in the response statistics under .statistics.totalElements (introduced in 10.13)
-t, --withTotalPages Request Cumulocity to include the total pages in the response statistics under .statistics.totalPages
--workers int Number of workers (default 1)